The Castrelos auditorium is a “zen” place from where you can see the sunset over the Cíes – formerly known as the “islands of the gods” – at the mouth of the Vigo estuary, gateway to the Atlantic Ocean.

This stage is Carlos’s road book: here he made his debut at the age of 13, here he would be introduced days later to those who would become his inseparable masters: The Chieftains. And it was here that he presented his first album “A Irmandade das Estrelas” in another memorable concert.

Twenty years after the beginning of the journey, Carlos knew that this stone theatre under the stars, surrounded by centenary trees, would still keep its magic.

Castrelos has been like a boat in which we embarked on a voyage out to sea, along the coast of Galicia, along the roads to Santiago and at a furious pace along the corredoiras (the inland roads). The dance showed us its wings.


We experienced passionate duels between punteiros (dancers) accompanied by the seafaring fires. Our hearts intertwined: the women from Ireland, the meniñas from here, the little Galician girl in Argentinean lands that Gardel sang in his tango… And we held hands like the Druids of Brittany and asked God – or the Gods – that this dance of happiness in which we were immersed would never end. At that final party, we all puffed together on the pipe of peace, cultures and love.

Ramón Sampedro used to say that “the sailor is the adult dreamer who never stopped being a child”. It is also said here that ” after you grow old, you will be a piper”. On that night we were all sailors… Or bagpipers.

  • Intro
  • Mar Adentro ( títulos finales)
  • Camino De Santiago
  • A Costa De Galicia
  • Amanecer
  • Pasacorredoiras
  • Entrelazado De Allariz
  • Tears Of Stone (Non Te Namores Meniña)
  • Duelling Chanters
  • Galleguita (Tango)
  • An Dro
  • Solo Le Pido A Dios
  • Reels
  • Alborada De Veiga / Muineira De Chantada
  • Aires De Pontevedra