In the middle of 2002, the record company BMG, with whom I recorded my first three albums, A Irmandade das Estrelas, Os Amores Libres and Mayo Longo, asked me to make a personal selection of the best of these first years… Impossible! How can I choose between so many unforgettable recordings? At his insistence I have had no choice but to accept and offer you this musical summary, as if it were a balance of the dreams I have achieved so far.

Here you will find my first recordings with the Chieftains, my first experiences with pop and classical music, the search for new common languages with southern music such as flamenco, the dreamed relations between Galician and Portuguese, the American connection of Galician music and some of my scattered collaborations with artists from other countries and other worlds.


These melodies are the road diary of my musical adventures. These adventures that always start in Galicia and go towards the universe, have discovered people and worlds that without realising it are already part of my life and I hope they are part of yours too.



  • Amanecer
  • Mary´s Lament-Caoineadh Mhuire
  • A Irmandade das Estrelas
  • Tears of Stone
  • Setting Sail
  • Lela
  • The Moon Says Hello
  • Bailando con Rosiña
  • Negra Sombra
  • A Lavandeira da Noite
  • Muiñeiras de Poio e Ourense
  • El Pozo de Arán
  • Morning Poem
  • Para Vigo me Voy
  • A Costa de Galicia
  • The Raggle Taggle Gipsy